Animal Reference Pathology

525 East 4500 South Suite F200
Salt Lake City, UT 84107

(180)042-6209 x9


Animal Reference Pathology LLC (ARP) is seeking a board certified veterinary clinical pathologist to manage the ARP clinical pathology service.


The responsibility of the chief of clinical pathology is to manage the clinical pathology service so as to exceed client expectations while maintaining profitability within the clinical pathology section.


Apply for this position if:

  • You love the profession of veterinary medicine
  • Have a passion for diagnostic pathology
  • Enjoy interacting with clients and establishing strong clinician-pathologist connections
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Enjoy the challenge of cytology but don’t want to just read cytology cases all day, everyday
  • Can appreciate the deliciousness of a good donut
  • Have a basic understanding of the veterinary diagnostic laboratory market
  • You are seeking a career in veterinary diagnostic pathology
  • You are licensed to practice veterinary medicine in one of the fifty states
  • You have passed the ACVP certification examination in veterinary clinical pathology
  • You like to use and adapt technology to your work


Do not apply for this position if:

  • You have no sense of humor
  • You want to get a pile of cases each morning, close your door, not talk to anyone be it coworkers or clients and go home when finished
  • Have no pets and do not wish to have pets
  • You regret becoming a veterinarian
  • You just want a job to pay the bills


Animal Reference Pathology LLC is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and our mission statement is “Advancing the Art and Science of Veterinary Medicine.” Learn more about ARP at


Interested individuals should email their CV/resume and a brief introduction to Dr. David Gardiner.